Virtual Helsinki

World’s first city in the metaverse

ZOAN and the City of Helsinki co-created an internationally unique virtual city experience. The “Virtual Capital of the World” project kicked off in 2015 and involved many of the world's top 3D developers.

Virtual Helsinki |
Virtual Helsinki |

Groundbreaking quality, future of tourism

Building a digital twin of Helsinki was one of ZOAN’s first passion projects. The project was unlike anything before; today, such multiplayer 3D environments are familiarly known as metaverse worlds. Due to its pioneering nature, Virtual Helsinki was widely recognized by both the media and the creators in the virtual reality space.

What started as virtual replicas of a few city locations has transformed into a multi-segmented, immersive virtual milieu. So far, Virtual Helsinki has seen record-breaking concerts such as the Virtual May Day with JVG, conferences, simulations, art exhibitions and other cultural activities. One of the latest productions was the Vallisaari VR experience, which was part of the Helsinki Biennial, one of the city's landmark events.

Virtual Helsinki |

Expansion to over 30 different productions

The ZOAN team initially modelled only a few of the central locations of the city: the prominent Senate Square, the iconic Helsinki Cathedral, the home of the legendary architect Alvar Aalto and the Lonna Island.

Soon after, it was time to take over the entire city. The ZOAN team embarked on a mission to build a 3D model of the Finnish capital.
Since then, the experience has expanded to include over 30 different productions: the virtual exhibition at Amos Rex, the Helsinki Biennial Facebook Open Arts VR experience and several virtual conferences held at Finlandia Hall.

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