A striking virtual hub for the world’s most sustainable fiber brand

Combining 2D and 3D surprisingly and insightfully, we created an interactive 3D content platform for Spinnova to showcase their product, process, and industry-altering approach to sustainability.

Virtual Showroom Spinnova |
Virtual Showroom Spinnova |

From the virtual showroom to tomorrow’s wardrobes

The team behind the world’s most sustainable fiber is disrupting the stagnant textile industry. Spinnova’s use of the latest technology and innovation brings forward their mission of building a more sustainable future through fashion.

The immersive virtual hub is an interactive way to showcase Spinnova’s products. It allows the consumers to concretely experience the company’s philosophy and get a glimpse behind the scenes through the Spinnova factory tour.

Virtual Showroom Spinnova |

Inspired by the web

Spinnova’s sustainable technology mimics how spiders weave their webs. One of the founders attended a lecture at Oxford University, where a leading spider researcher talked about the structural similarities between the spider web and and nanocellulose. The rest is history.

Virtual Showroom Spinnova |
Virtual Showroom Spinnova |


While Spinnova’s hub needed to offer a striking user experience, there was no room for complexity when updating it. The hub is flexible to edit, and adding interactive elements to engage users is made as easy as possible.

Virtual worlds, tangible solutions.

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